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Royal Gypsy- Michal Monka's Artistic Journey

Meet Michal Monka, the mind behind Jadoo, the Sacred Nomad Blankets which capture the essence of magic and wild human spirit within.

My artistic journey began at a young age, where I grew up in the small town of Acre in the north of Israel. The desire to beautify my surroundings was deeply ingrained in me, and I would rearrange things in my home despite getting in trouble with my parents. I always had my own unique style, which was unconventional for the time and place. At the age of 14, I convinced my parents to let me unroll in a prestigious art school in Haifa. It was a sacrifice, as I had to commute four hours a day, but my love for fashion was unwavering. After four years, I graduated with honours and later served two years mandatory military service.

After my service, I worked on a movie set and fell in love with an Australian stuntman. At 22, we got married and moved to Australia, where I landed my first opportunity in the fashion industry as a fashion coordinator and producer for Mayer’s, a large department store. My experience in Australia broadened my horizons and connected me to the global fashion community.

Upon returning to Israel, I founded my own fashion production company, creating monumental fashion stills campaigns for major brands in Israel, and traveled around the world producing some of the most creative photo shoots and fashion campaigns. Looking back, I am amazed at the drive and confidence I had at such a young age.

The concept of Royal Gypsy came from my personal lifestyle and experiences. I have been traveling for many years and have encountered various situations, from camping on remote beaches to attending lavish palace dinners. Through these experiences, I realised that I am a Royal Gypsy someone who can embody both worlds and maintain the essence of one within the other. This led to the development of certain core values, including authenticity, comfort, and a sense of chic. I firmly believe that no matter if you are Royal or Gypsy, it should never be an effort to be true to yourself and maintain a sense of beauty and elegance in all circumstances.

My collection is sourced from my core values and the impressions of my travels. I am deeply inspired by tribal cultures and their ancient traditions, art, and spiritual context. I strongly believe we must preserve these traditions and respectfully use it to try to bring a sense of worldliness and consciousness to my clients. My approach is subtle and embedded in simplicity, without any contrivance or proclamation.

My brand, Royal Gypsy, is all about empowering both women and men by reminding them of their innate essence. We aim to bring out the royal and the nomads and wild spirit within, through our clothing line and most recently, our Jadoo blankets. Our collections are timeless and not confined to seasonal trends. We draw inspiration from within and are connected to the global consciousness movements.

Jadoo is unisex and comes in many colors and symbols combination and is designed to be used as a meditation blanket, travel blanket, shawl, headdress, longi, beach blanket, yoga blanket, bed sheet, throw-over, and anything else one can imagine it to be. It is a wearable accessory that magically transforms ones appearance and makes them stand up.

In the very center of the Jadoo blanket, a power symbol of sacred geometry is purposefully poised. Radiating its magical vibration, connecting us to the deepest desires of our higher selves, honing our intentions, helping us turn thoughts to reality. Jadoo is spreading itself in the world by itself, with each person feeling the grace and sacredness of the blanket and becoming an ambassador to recommend it to friends and loved ones.

2023-2024 are the years of Jadoo, and I am excited to launch it to the world and continue to follow my calling to spread consciousness, and beauty with the hope it can help heal individuals, communities, and our planet.

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