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Michal Monka


I was born in Acre, an ancient small town in the north of Israel. The desire for  beautify seemed innate, I always had my own unique style, this was very unconventional at that time, but I couldn't care less, the need for self expression was stronger. At the age of 14, I was accepted to an art school and chose fashion as my major. I was commuting 4 hours a day 6 days a week, to and fro, yet my love for fashion was unwavering. At the age of 22, whilst traveling through Australia my first opportunity in the fashion industry presented itself. I was offered a position of a fashion coordinator and producer for Mayer's, the prominent Aussie department store. My horizons broadened and it was impossible to ever contain me in one place anymore - I knew what I am meant to do with my life and I knew I belonged to the world.

The next stage in my career was founding an international fashion production company. For almost a decade I've produced ads, catalogs, brochures and even calendars for some of the leading brands in the world. At that time it was all based still photography and real locations. I was intoxicated by the power of nature and the cultures that live close to it, part of it, in communication with it. That passion has shaped the woman that I I am today. 

The concept of Royal Gypsy came from my personal lifestyle and experiences. I realized i need to create a brand that will encapsulate the freedom to be barefoot on a remote beach and attend a Maharaja gala dinner at a palace later that night. I am a Royal Gypsy I've realized, someone who can embody both worlds and maintain the essence of one within the other. My new brand came with a clear insight - authenticity, comfort, and  chic cannot be ever compromised, no matter if you are Royal or Gypsy, it should never be an effort to be true to yourself and maintain a sense of beauty and elegance in all circumstances.

My collections sourced naturally influenced by my travel and passion for nature and ancient cultures led me to discover the power of symbols and sacred geometry. These elements that contain ancient wisdom and spiritual vibrations was organically laced into my designs, bringing a sense of worldliness and consciousness to anyone that was dressed in Royal Gypsy. I was amazed to see the effect my clothing had on women who felt suddenly goddesses again, empowered to shine, and fearlessly express themselves. I understood something much larger than fashion was expressing itself through my creations. Initially I was scared to assume that place I grew to own this place, I am a healer.  

And then came Jadoo - the essence of everything that I've done all my life condensed in one sacred fabric.....

I invite you to join us on this magical journy
With Love,